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Tips on Choosing Utility Lights and Flashlights

DIY experts explore flashlight and shop light technology.

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flashlights come in all sizes for different uses
Photo 1 of 4When it comes to flashlights, there are plenty of choices on the market.

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The flashlight on the far right uses three, six or nine batteries. Use nine batteries for the longest amount of life. The nice feature here is that if one battery dies, the light will continue to function. This LED light has also three power settings: low, medium, and high.

The second from the right is a Craftsman LED flashlight that also has three settings. It's compact, durable and also waterproof -- and it works in extreme temperatures.

The two flashlights on the left are Nightstar flashlights. They don't use batteries. Instead, a rare earth magnet is used in conjunction with a metal coil. When you shake the flashlights, the magnet passing the coil creates a magnetic field which transfers energy to the unique LED. Shake them for three minutes to give them a 20 minute charge. When they run down, shake them again for another 20 minutes of light. These lights are also waterproof.

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