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Tips on Choosing and Using Caulk Guns

DIY experts offer tips on a variety of caulk guns and a foam dispenser, making it easy to choose the right tool for any job.

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many choices of caulk guns are available
Photo 1 of 5When choosing a caulk gun, remember: cheaper isn't necessarily better. Basic caulk guns may not hold up as well as industrial strength versions.

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Caulk is used for weatherproofing around doors and windows or to waterproof areas such as where the tile meets the tub in a bathroom. Caulk guns can also be used to dispense other materials, such as construction adhesives. When using a caulk gun, place the tube of caulk into the gun, then cut off the tube at the size bead you need. Remember to puncture the tip of the tube so the caulk will come out.

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