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Tips on Choosing a Weed Trimmer

Use this advice from DIY experts to choose the best weed trimmer for your lawn.

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trimmer is good choice for small yard
Photo 3 of 3The cord on this electric tool was designed to keep it from coming unplugged.

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Lightweight electric weed trimmer -- The cord loops around the back to prevent this tool from becoming disconnected. A hook conveniently allows a shoulder strap to be attached. This trimmer is also a good choice for a small yard.

Tips for using a trimmer:

  • Remove yard debris before trimming.
  • Move the tool in a side-to-side motion. With taller weeds, start trimming at the top of the plant and work your way downward (this prevents weeds from wrapping around the head of the tool and causing it to overheat).



  • Tools from Craftsman Tools
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