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Tips for Using Fasteners as Temporary Joints

Knock-down fasteners create temporary joints for furniture. They have long been used on store-bought bookcases and decks. Here are several examples of knock-down fasteners that can be used in projects.

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determine location for hole of barrel nut
Photo 2 of 4This type of fastener is used to attach one board to the center of another board to create a 'T' shape.

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Determine the location for the hole for the barrel nut on the end of the fastener. Then, drill the hole. (Accuracy is important when determining where to drill the holes for the pieces of the fastener. Drilling too far into the board or not far enough will cause the head of the fastener to be misaligned).

Determine the location where the hole will need to be drilled into the end of the board directly over the first hole. On a drill press, stand the board on one end and drill the hole.

Find and mark the center of the second board. Measure how far down into the piece the hole should be drilled for the head of the fastener.

Drill the hole; push the head of the fastener through the hole, then through the hole in the end of the first board. Finally, attach the nut in place.

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