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Tips for Cutting Wooden Rings

Cutting a wooden ring can be more difficult than it seems. The following tips share information for making the process of cutting wooden rings easy.

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cutting wooden ring can be difficult

Have you ever needed to cut a wooden ring? Maybe you tried to use a hole saw, but found out that once the hole was cut for the inside of the ring, there’s nothing for the drill to hold on to for drilling the outside of the ring. The trick is to use two hole cutters together to cut both holes at once.

Drill the hole on one side of the board using the hole cutters. Hole saws have very fine teeth, so drill through the material slowly. Stop occasionally during the cut to blow the dust out of the way.

Turn the board over, center the drill bit over the pilot hole, and finish the cut.

Wooden rings can be used for a variety of applications. Rings can be used as homemade napkin rings or as wheels for a child’s toy. Different sizes of hole saws can be used to get different-sized rings.