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Tips for Cleaning the Garage

Good organization is a must when it comes to having a clean garage. Follow these tips and learn how to keep everything in the garage in its place.

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dispose of all obvious junk
Photo 2 of 4The first step to getting a garage in order is to get rid of all unnecessary items.

Dispose of Junk(2 of 4)

  • Move everything out, creating groups of like items. Common groupings include tools, garden equipment, sporting equipment and items for the car.
  • Dispose of all the obvious junk.
  • Check with the city sanitation department or commercial trash collection company to find out how to dispose of motor oil, solvents and garden chemicals. Dispose of pesticides safely, following directions on the product label.
  • If there are things left over that need to be fixed or have salvageable parts, deal with them on the spot or box and label them for later attention. Items that haven't been used or repaired in a year should be given away.

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