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The Basics on Grinders and Polishers

Grinders and polishers are two tools that look quite similar but perform different functions. Use this guide to determine which grinder or polisher to use to get the job done.

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grinding wheel used to remove rust from metal

Grinders operate at a higher speed than polishers and are used to abrade a surface. Operating a polisher at high speeds can cause burn marks. Different types of grinders and polishers are available, each with specific functions.

The angle grinder is a versatile tool used for grinding, cutting, and paint and rust removal. Attachments give the angle grinder its versatility. A grinding wheel or wire wheel may be used to remove rust from metal.

A diamond-tipped dry blade is used for cutting into thick materials such as tile or brick. A sanding disc is a useful attachment for removing paint and creating decorative patterns on metal.

The orbital polisher is great for polishing floors or cars. Its buffing wheel oscillates as it turns to produce a greater shine. The orbital polisher should be used with an appropriate wax and operated in a circular motion.



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