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Spiral Saw Basics

Spiral saws are used primarily for cutting into drywall. But they can be used for many applications.

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drywall cutout tool has depth guide
Photo 1 of 5A drywall cutout tool has a depth guide that allows it to cut different drywall thicknesses.

Basic Rotary Tool (1 of 5)

A basic rotary tool used as a drywall cutout tool has a single speed switch, a collet that holds the bit and a depth guide for use with different drywall thicknesses. The depth guide also acts as a base, riding against the drywall as you go through the cut.

When using a spiral saw to cut around an electrical box, plunge into the wall and find the edge of the box. Then, use the box as a template to guide the saw. The tip of the spiral saw bit doesn't have any cutting capability; it cuts from its side. When plunging into metal, plunge the bit in while rocking it.

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