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Spiral-Cutting Tool Basics

A spiral-cutting tool is a great addition to any toolbox. It can cut through drywall, tile, hardwood, softwood and more.

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spiral cutting tool is great addition to toolbox

Before cutting through drywall with a spiral-cutting tool, make sure there are no live electrical wires or pipes directly behind the surface. Plunge the tool straight into the drywall at a 90-degree angle. When cutting outlet openings on drywall, plunge into the outlet box, using a guide-point bit. Guide the tool until you feel the edge of the outlet box. Gently lift the tool over the edge of the outlet box, and follow the outside contour of the box in a clockwise direction.

To cut through tile, use a carbide-tipped bit with the spiral-cutting tool. Wear safety glasses for protection from flying debris. Plunge the spiral-cutting tool straight into the tile at a 90-degree angle, and slowly direct it through the area you want to cut.