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Specialty Sanders

Specialty sanders can trim, shape and even add a fine finish to a work piece.

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  • The contour sander is an electric sander used for sanding smaller surfaces and detail work on furniture. Various attachments enable the contour sander to be used on surfaces of different sizes.

  • The mini belt sander is an electric sander with a rotating sanding belt. It's good for furniture work.

  • The detail sander is an electric sander with a base in the shape of a clothing iron. The pointed end is ideal for sanding corners and tight spaces. The sandpaper base sticks to the machine with hook-and-loop tape. Other finishing pads may also be used with a detail sander, such as a polishing pad or a stripping pad.

  • The sixth-sheet sander is a small type of palm sander that uses one-sixth of a sheet of sandpaper. The sixth-sheet sander is good for sanding broad areas and may even be used to remove rust.

  • Oscillating spindle sanders are useful for sanding detail work and inside tight curves. Its sandpaper cylinder rotates 360 degrees while pumping up and down to sand a surface. The user moves the work piece around the machine to sand.

  • The random-orbital sander is a bench sander with a sanding disc that both oscillates and rotates. To use this sander, align the work piece with the sander's fence, and slowly move it across the sanding disc.