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Check out these valuable workshop tips from host David Thiel on how to keep a shop running safely and efficiently.

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  • Do you carry tools by the cord? Of course not, but if you know someone who does, tell that person to tie a piece of wire to the body of the tool and tape it to the cord. This puts less stress on the cord for those who tend to carry their tools by the cord.

  • Suppose a knothole needs to be filled in a piece of pine. If the hole goes all the way though the board, you’ll find that fillers like putty or Bondo will go right through the hole. How do you get the filler to stay in the hole? Use a staple gun to insert staples into the inner side of the hole. The staples give the Bondo something to hold on to while the hole is filled. Use a screwdriver to bend down any staples that stick out above the surface of the wood.

  • Use a squeegee to get an even spread of glue on a board. The tip here is to first use utility knife to cut notches in the squeegee blade so that the squeegee doesn’t end up pulling all the glue off the board.