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Shop Multipurpose Tool

The shop multi-tool allows homeowners and workshop enthusiasts to grow a shop in a small space and have the advantages of several tools in one.

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multi tool used as lathe,drill press,router or saw

The shop multi-tool allows homeowners and workshop enthusiasts to have a fully functional shop in a small space. A complex machine, the multi-tool performs the functions of several tools: it can be used as a lathe, a shaper, a vertical drill press, a disc sander, a router or a table saw.

The shop multi-tool has all the attachments of a basic table saw with adjustable speeds and an adjustable table. A miter fence runs alongside the blade for cross cuts and bevel cuts. Instead of raising and lowering the blade, raise and lower the table to fit the work piece. All of the table-saw attachments may be removed.

To convert the multi-tool into a disc sander, remove the table-saw attachments and attach a sanding disc to the collet.

To convert the multi-tool into a drill press, unlock the power head, and roll it to the center of the bars it rests on. Attach the table to the right side of the machine, and tilt the table top to 90 degrees. Release the tension on the bars, then lift the bars to a vertical position and lock them into place. Insert the drill-bit attachment. Put a piece of scrap wood on top of the table, and the multi-tool is ready to be used as a drill press.

A spring-loaded mount allows the multi-tool to adjust to a horizontal or vertical position. When in a vertical position, it can act as a stationary router. Router attachments include a piloted bit with a collet underneath and a safety guard.

Read the manufacturer's instructions to determine how to convert the machine into the tool you want it to become.