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Sheet-Metal-Polishing Tool

Sheet-metal-polishing tools can do more than just shine stainless steel. Attachments can also turn the tool into a buffer or grinder.

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different wheel attachments give tool versatility

The sheet-metal-polishing tool uses inflatable rubber wheels and abrasive pads to produce a shine on stainless steel. Different wheel attachments give this tool its versatility. The right wheels can give the sheet-metal polisher other functions as well.

Flap wheel sanders are attached to the tool to sand or remove paint from surfaces. To use a flap wheel sander with a sheet-metal-polishing tool, move the machine back and forth over the surface to be sanded. Don't apply much pressure: doing so might damage the surface.

The inflatable contour wheel is a powerful attachment used to remove rust. Inflate the wheel to make it convex for working on flat surfaces; deflate it to make it concave for getting into curves and crevices. To use it, work the machine back and forth, and don't apply a lot of pressure.

To polish a cylindrical piece of metal, loop a belt drive around the surface to be polished and around a rubber roller inside the polishing tool. When turned on, the polishing tool rotates the belt. Slowly move the tool up and down to polish the metal.



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