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A sandblaster has many functions, from removing rust and paint to etching in glass or plastic.

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a sandblaster is useful tool for cleaning surfaces

Sandblasters clean by blasting a surface with debris. They can also be used to remove rust and paint from metal or wood. And a special attachment allows the user to etch designs in glass or plastic.

Don't use sand inside a sandblaster. When sand is blasted from a machine, it turns into a hazardous substance. Various types of fine grit are used instead. Glass beads are used to remove corrosion or rust and to finish metals. Tiny bits of walnut or pecan shells are used to clean steel, aluminum, wood and plastic. Aluminum oxide is used to remove paint. White blast is used to clean and finish metal, concrete, wood and glass.

A sanding cabinet, used to remove rust from larger projects, protects the user from flying debris. To use a cabinet, place the work piece inside the cabinet, and close all of the cabinet doors. Place your hands in the built-in gloves and pull the trigger inside the cabinet to blast the work piece.