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Safety Equipment for the Workshop

DIY Tools & Techniques host David Thiel offers tips on safety equipment that should be kept in the workshop in case of emergency.

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safety equipment in workshop for emergencies

Always keep a couple of fire extinguishers in the shop. Use brackets to mount them to the wall to keep them handy. An extinguisher marked 'ABC' covers paper, electrical and flammable liquid fires. Check the expiration date often. To use a fire extinguisher, remember the word 'PASS': Pull the pin, aim at the base of the fire, squeeze the trigger and sweep across the base of the fire. Don't concentrate the extinguisher in one place.

Another item to have in the shop is a first-aid kit. Include items such as hydrogen peroxide, antibacterial soap and bandages. Also, tweezers are helpful for pulling out wood and metal splinters.

A phone is also a good thing to have handy in case of emergency.

If debris gets into your eye, get it out with eyewash solution. Pour the solution into a cup then hold it against your eye to wash the debris out.

Always have safety glasses and ear protection in your shop. Anytime you are cutting material or using loud machines, these items are a must to use. Use a face shield when working with a lathe or grinder.

Gloves will protect hands from cuts and splinters. Some gloves also offer protection against chemicals.

Dust masks and respirators will protect you from inhaling fumes and dust particles.

Shop rags, broom and shop vacuums are items to keep around for any spills or just for general cleanup around the shop.