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Router Bit Comparisons

Learn basic information and compare the different types of router bits.

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basic information about different router bits

  • The roundover bit has a bearing guide that rides along the front edge and guides the cut so that the same profile is achieved each time. How the base is set on the router will determine whether the profile is a full roundover or if there is an edge.

  • Another type of bit has no bearing guide on the tip. It cuts on the bottom edge, which means that the whole bit is cutting. This is useful for plunge cuts. Use an edge guide for creating a profile using only half of the bit. Run the router along the flat edge of the wood to get the correct cut using this bit.

  • A straight bit is good for cutting grooves. This type of bit is also used for inlay work..

  • Wing cutters will also cut slots. Its teeth are located on the four wings around the bit. Adjust the collar to change the width for different applications. It has a bearing to help cut along the edge of a piece of wood.