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Rotary-Tool Accessories

The rotary tool is a versatile handheld power tool with a rotary tip that accepts a variety of attachments for different tasks.

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rotary tool is versatile handheld power tool

A router-base attachment turns a rotary tool into a portable router for carving edges and grooves. A miniature router table can be attached to convert the tool into a bench-mounted router.

A drill-press attachment converts the corded rotary tool into a miniature drill press.

A chain-saw sharpening kit provides the rotary tool with the attachments needed to sharpen the chain on a chain saw. The kit includes a whetstone and a guide for hitting the chain at the correct angle.

The flex shaft attaches to a corded rotary tool to make it easier to reach difficult spots. The flex-shaft tool holder suspends the rotary tool above the workbench for greater convenience.



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