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Natural Linoleum

Carter Oosterhouse explains how natural linoleum offers a healthy indoor environment.

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Natural linoleum has been a popular choice as a floor covering for over a century. It's made from natural raw materials including linseed oil, rosins and wood flour. Because of these materials, natural linoleum offers a healthy indoor environment. It has no adverse healthy issues either during production, use or disposal. The bactericidal properties of natural linoleum stop microorganisms from multiplying, so natural linoleum is often used in hospitals. Besides the health benefits, natural linoleum is anti-static and reduces the potential for electric shock. It also makes the floor easier to clean since dust and dirt do not easily adhere to the surface.

Product Information for Items Used in this Room Makeover:

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Portfolio 3-light Sturbridge Chandelier (#80622); Portfolio 4-Light Sparta Track Bar (#14190-001) — Lowe's
black adjustable desk lamp; large wicker laundry basket, 5-head floor lamp — Target
paint (Island Palm #460F-5, Brown Rabbit #300F-5) — Behr
paint (Relaxed and Cozy Sunshower #40YY 60/519) — Glidden Paint
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6-bin storage unit (#HD0296), Kergonomic Desk Computer Center (#D300) — American Furniture Warehouse
6x6-inch Dal-Tile white ceramic wall field tile (# 0100661P4), Liberty 1-1/4 inch round knob (#32286) — Home Depot