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Nail vs. Screw vs. Bolt: Knowing The Right Hardware To Use

Hanging a picture, decorative projects and repair jobs can require a variety of different hardware. Learn which one to use for each and every task.

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The Classic Wall Anchor

The first thing to consider is the wall type. Most newer homes have drywall. For small picture frames 8" x 10" or smaller and weighing a few ounces, a simple nail driven into the wall at a slight upward angle will do the trick. No need to worry about catching a stud. For larger and heavier frames it starts getting more complicated. Keep in mind the weight of the object as many fasteners have weight ratings. In a perfect world, a stud would be in the exact place you want to hang a picture, but we know our tastes and sightlines don't match construction techniques. Enter wall anchors. The classic wall anchor is tapped into place through a pilot hole, then a screw is driven through it. In this image, the screw causes the anchor to expand and grip the drywall with fins and expand in the back, making an anchor truly an anchor.



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