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Miniature Table Saw Basics

The miniature table saw packs the same power as a regular-size table saw -- without the added bulk. And with the ability to cut smaller pieces, it's no surprise this mini tool is gaining popularity.

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miniature table saws are gaining in popularity

Just about every standard tool comes in miniature form. Miniature table saws are especially popular, and many hobbyists and model makers use them to work on smaller crafts. They work exactly as a regular-size table saw does but are used to cut smaller pieces of wood.

When using a miniature table saw, use even more caution than when working with a full-size table saw. Because the table is so small, your hands will be closer to the blade when cutting wood. The table is also easily moved during cutting, so it should be secured to the work surface with screws or clamps to prevent movement.

Several blade attachments for the miniature table saw are available. The rip blade is used for rough cuts. The fine-tooth blade has more teeth per inch, so it's a good choice for cutting fine wood. The carbide blade cuts through light materials such as plastic or sheet metal. If blades are unsteady inside the table saw, installing support washers can help stabilize them.