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Mechanic's Tools to Have in the Workshop

David Thiel and Aime Fraser, author of Your First Workshop, explain how some automotive tools can be handy to have around the workshop.

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dial indicator helps assure safety and accuracy
Photo 4 of 6A dial indicator can help assure safety and accuracy when working with a table saw.

Dial Indicator(4 of 6)

On a table saw, the relationship between the fence, blade and miter slot is important for safety and accuracy. A dial indicator helps you check the position of the blade and the fence against the position of the slot. Set the dial indicator in the miter slot to zero, then move the dial indicator to a corresponding tooth on the end of the blade and check again. If the indicator still reads zero, the blade is in perfect parallel alignment with miter slot. Turn the dial indicator around and follow the same steps to check the position of the fence.

Another type of dial indicator usually used with auto engines can be used to set jointer knives and planer knives.

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