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Learn the Basics About Locks

Some basic information about various types of locks and their function and placement.

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  • Keyed door locks are basic locks for home use. Their disadvantage is that they can be unlocked through a broken window.

  • A deadbolt requires a key for locking and unlocking and is more secure than a keyed door lock.
    One-sided locks are used mainly in bedrooms and bathrooms. As their name indicates, they can be locked from only one side.

  • Door guards work like chain locks, allowing you to open the door about 1" to see outside. Unlike chain locks, door guards make it nearly impossible for an intruder to reach in from the outside to unlock the device.

  • Patio-door locks are drilled into the door jamb above a sliding door. To lock the door, push the pin into place.

  • Wired combination locks are good for anything portable, such as a bicycle.

  • Chain locks are also good for locking portable items, but they can be easily removed with bolt cutters.

  • Special keyed bolt locks are used as accessories to chain or wired combination lock. They're strong enough to resist bolt cutters and saws.