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Lathe: Sharpening Knives

Host David Thiel and master wood turner Lowell Converse demonstrate the proper technique for sharpening knives used with the lathe.

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sharpening knives with complicated profiles
Photo 2 of 4Jigs for sharpening knives on a bench grinder can make it easier to sharpen knives with complicated profiles.

Sharpening Jigs(2 of 4)

Different brackets set below the grinder accommodate the different tools. To sharpen a scraper, align the bevel with the stone. The cutting edge should be parallel with the edge of the stone. Hold the tool firmly on the rest then turn the grinder on and run the knife back and forth across the stone. This process only takes a few moments.

The profile of a roughing gouge can be difficult to recreate by hand. To sharpen a roughing gouge, pull out the bar from the bracket and place the gouge between the end of the bracket and the stone. The bar holds the end of the gouge in place so that you can remain focused on the sharp end of the tool. Align the bevel to the stone then, make a mark on the bar so that you know how far to extend it next time you use that particular tool. Rotate the tool against the spinning stone a few times to sharpen the tool.

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