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Key Features You Want in a Drill and Essential Drill Bits (page 5 of 5)

Drills, driving bits and drill bits are probably the most frequently used tools by homeowners and DIYers. Take a few minutes to learn the different types and what you really need.

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Metal and Masonry Bits

Metal bits (left image) and masonry bits (middle image) are made from much harder metals than wood bits. You may not be impressed at first, because the spiral blades on these bits are not nearly as sharp as their wood counterparts. But what they lack in this detail, they make up for in their ability to penetrate tough materials, such as the masonry bit in the right image. Tough concrete will not only require a good hardened bit, but a special drill called a hammer drill.

Glass and Tile Bits

Glass and tile bits are a completely different animal, both in design and material. They're more like a spade bit and they're diamond-tipped. Try drilling a pilot hole for a vertical handrail in a tile shower with a masonry bit instead of a tile bit and you'll run the risk of cracking the tile.

Variety of Bits

A good drill-bit variety for the average homeowner might look like the image below. Remember to carefully select quality bits.