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Key Features You Want in a Drill and Essential Drill Bits (page 1 of 5)

Drills, driving bits and drill bits are probably the most frequently used tools by homeowners and DIYers. Take a few minutes to learn the different types and what you really need.

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Power drills are the most common non-hand tool around. Whether you’re thinking of buying your first drill or a backup model, it is important to carefully select a quality drill and top-notch drill bits. Bits are to drills as paint is to a paintbrush or an ingredient is to cookware: The result of your project is only going to be as good as what you put into it.


A solid, quality 18-volt cordless drill is going to be the workhorse of most homeowner tool kits. More powerful drills, with 24-volt and even 36-volt power, are becoming more readily available. But with additional power comes an additional price and these tools are really the better choice for the pros. But, if you've got money to spare, then by all means go for the power.

Key Features You Want

- An LED work light. These are generally positioned just above the trigger and are activated when the trigger is pressed. This is good for low-light situations.

- Dual-gear mode. This is usually on top of the drill. Think of this like the lower gears on an automatic transmission. It drops or raises the speed of the drill without losing power and without dropping the torque. This is valuable when driving screws through a dense wood. The lower gear slows the speed (but not power) of the screw and cuts down on the chances of the wood splitting (even with a pilot hole).

- Additional batteries. Let's face it, one just isn't enough and the extra battery (if you keep it charged and ready) comes in handy during long days.

- Multiple torque settings. Multiple numbers on the dial mean more settings, which helps you literally dial in the right amount of torque for the job at hand.

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