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Innovative Table Saw

This innovative table saw puts safety first with a blade that senses electricity and stops turning before serious injuries can occur.

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innovative table saw puts safety first

Most table-saw injuries occur when the operator is not paying attention to the work at hand. The solution: a table saw that keeps its eye on the operator.

The SawStop system senses the human body's ability to conduct electricity. A microprocessor in the saw transfers a signal onto the blade. When a person touches the blade, the microprocessor senses the electricity. If the blade is running when it senses a person's touch, a brake cartridge installed by the blade, will stop the blade. The blade will then drop below the surface of the table, preventing further contact. This process occurs within a few thousandths of a second.

After the blade has been stopped, simply replace the cartridge. The saw will then be ready to continue operation.