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Innovative Hammers

Learn about the latest innovations in hammers. These inventive hammers include features such as anti-vibration, double faces and magnetic heads.

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learn about the latest innovations in hammers

Anti–vibration hammers have a tuning fork built into the interior of the handle. The tuning fork dissipates the vibration from the head throughout the handle. These hammers have soft grip handles to dampen vibration and provide a good grip surface.

Hammers have two kinds of faces. Waffle-face heads grip the nail during pounding to prevent the hammer from slipping off the nail. It's best to use a smooth-face hammer when doing carpentry work to prevent markings on the wood.

Another type of hammer has a magnet inside the head so it can be used as a nail starter. This hammer also has a metal plate just below the head to protect the wood from over striking.

Tip: hold a hammer near the end of the handle, rather than choking up. Holding the hammer farther back gives it more leverage and power.