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Infrared Paint Stripper

Check out this handy infrared paint stripper that softens paint quickly for easy removal without damaging the wood underneath.

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infrared paint stripper softens paint quickly

Stripping paint by hand takes a lot of time and energy. An infrared paint stripper works with infrared heat to soften paint for easy removal. The infrared elements inside the tool heat up to between 380 and 580 degrees, which is enough heat to soften the paint without burning the wood underneath. Because the tool gets very hot, take precautions when handling it.

Safety note: Carefully read all manufacturer’s instructions before using a tool like this.

The infrared paint stripper can be used to remove lead-based paint because the heat it emits is not hot enough for the paint to reach toxic levels. Do not use the tool directly on glass. When removing paint from a window pane, engage the shields and the kickstand so that the tool only covers the wood surface.

Use a spray bottle to lightly spritz water onto the painted surface before using the infrared paint stripper. This helps to help keep the surface cool.

The tool should not sit directly on the surface of the wood. Engage the shields on the tool to maintain the minimum distance between the painted surface and the face of the tool.

Place the infrared paint stripper over the painted area. The infrared heat softens paint which makes it easy to scrape the paint off the surface. Allow the tool to remain in place for a few minutes — until the paint begins to bubble up.

Remove the tool from the area and use a scraping tool to remove the paint.