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How to Use a Router With Edge Bits and Groove Bits

Learn how to use a router and the different shaping and cutting bits that are available.

Excerpted from Do It Yourself Home Improvement

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Use Fence to Guide Bit for Accurate Straight Cut
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Cutting a Straight Line

You may need a fence (guide) to direct the bit for an accurate straight line. Attach the fence to the base plate then butt it against the wood’s straight edge. Make sure it remains in contact with the edge as the router moves across the wood. You will be unable to use the fence if the straight cut is not near the wood’s edge. Instead, use a straight edge as a guide. Clamp the straight edge to the wood and pass the router along it, ensuring that it stays in contact with the straight edge. To cut out an area wider than the bit can make in one pass, use two straight edges.



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