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How to Repair Common Problems with Toilets, Sinks and Tubs

Know the quick fixes behind a few of the most frustrating bathroom repairs.

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Janet Allinger

Sink Stopper Breaks

You've just washed your face or shaved, you reach to drain the sink and the handle or stopper rod for the sink stopper (located behind the faucet) snaps. Now there's a sink full of dirty water and seemingly no way to drain it. It's a good time to look under the sink and see that your stopper is moved by a simple lever. You'll see a rod (pivot rod) that's connected to the drain of the sink on one end, and to the handle (stopper rod) on the other. There may be a bar with several holes connecting the two. Simply push down on the end of the rod near the handle to raise the stopper and allow the sink to drain. Head off to your local home center for a replacement handle/stopper rod.

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