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How to Repair Common Problems with Toilets, Sinks and Tubs

Know the quick fixes behind a few of the most frustrating bathroom repairs.

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Janet Allinger

Loose Toilet

A wee wobble while sitting on the porcelain throne is not only annoying, but also a potential problem. A lot of movement and tilting could ruin the wax ring's seal at the bottom of the toilet, which will eventually lead to a leak from flushed water. This can be a simple fix. First try tightening the nuts on the bolts at the floor, making sure to not over-tighten the nuts, thus cracking the toilet base. If that doesn't fix it, you'll need to remove the toilet because it’s likely the bolt heads have come loose from the drain flange or have broken. This is a good time to replace the bolts (and nuts), as well as the wax ring. You can pick up a kit that contains all the replacement parts.



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