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How to Repair Common Problems with Toilets, Sinks and Tubs

Know the quick fixes behind a few of the most frustrating bathroom repairs.

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Janet Allinger

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet leads to the aforementioned overflow problem, but it also can also create a slow drain. It's a nasty job, but one that requires a few basic steps. Grab the go-to tool: the plunger. The key to getting the plunger to do its job is getting good coverage over the drain hole at the bottom of the bowl, which helps facilitate the suction and force action. The prototypical plunger isn't the best at doing this. Newer designs with a smaller mouth actually are better. It may take several tries, but plunging usually does the trick. If not, try pouring really hot, but not boiling, water into the bowl. This can sometimes weaken what's clogging the drain. Follow this with more plunging. Your last option, if all else fails, is using a drain snake.

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