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Janet Allinger

Dropped Cellphone in Toilet

In your mind you know you won't do it, but some neuron misfires, your hand twitches or you bump your arm, and KERPLUNK! Your cellphone lands in the toilet. It's actually not an uncommon occurrence that a phone lands in water, although a toilet may not be quite as common (at least admittedly). Don't freak out, but act like a ninja and snatch it out of the bowl as quickly as possible. Pat it dry with a paper towel, then remove the battery and dry the battery and battery recess as much as possible. If away from home, wrap them separately in an unused and dry paper towel. As soon as you can, place the phone and battery in a bowl or resealable plastic bag with uncooked rice, enough to completely cover them. Make sure the phone and battery do not touch, and allow them to sit in the rice for a full day. Remove any dust from the rice before reassembling the phone and battery.



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