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How to Fix Problems Caused by Pets, Critters and Pests

Wildlife sometimes finds its way inside, and even our beloved pets can make a big mess in the house. Learn how to clean up the damage and prevent it from happening again.

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Ryan Snook

Pests in the Backyard

Blood-sucking insects are the bane of outdoor barbecue lovers the world over. Sprays and lawn chemicals are effective, but these bugs can still make their way into your backyard sanctuary. To reduce the occurrence of mosquitoes you need to remove as much standing water as possible. Clogged gutters are often a hidden culprit, so make sure to keep those clean. Ivy also is notorious for harboring mosquitoes, so you may want to rethink your use of the vine. For small backyard ponds, water features, birdbaths and rain barrels, you can insert mosquito tablets, also called dunks. These include bacteria that are harmful to mosquitoes, but non-toxic to fish or birds. For a natural approach, try spraying lemon ammonia on bushes, shrubs and vines — hit that ivy well!



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