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How to Fix Problems Caused by Pets, Critters and Pests

Wildlife sometimes finds its way inside, and even our beloved pets can make a big mess in the house. Learn how to clean up the damage and prevent it from happening again.

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Janet Allinger

Critter Loose in the House

A squirrel loose in a house can reduce even the burliest of men to squeamish imps. But there is good reason to fear: such an animal can harbor various diseases, including rabies, and can cause quite a bit of damage while trying to hide or escape. First, create as many open access points to the outside as possible in the room where the critter is located, and close interior doors to the rest of your home. If it doesn't break for daylight immediately, don long sleeves and work gloves, grab an old thick blanket or towel, and do the “shoo shuffle” by using the blanket or towel to drive the varmint toward an exit. Trying to catch the critter to remove it should be your last resort, but sometimes is necessary.

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