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How to Fix Problems Caused by Pets, Critters and Pests

Wildlife sometimes finds its way inside, and even our beloved pets can make a big mess in the house. Learn how to clean up the damage and prevent it from happening again.

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Janet Allinger

Dog-Chewed Furniture

Your lab pup is adorable, but his cuteness waned when you discovered the splintered remains of his chewing on a table or chair leg. First, remove any wood that remains in his mouth to avoid an unpleasant trip to the vet later if he swallows it. Hold on to any large chunks and track down any pieces that could be scattered around the furniture (or any other part of the house). If saliva-soaked, clean and allow to dry. Now act like you're working on a puzzle — see if any of these parts are intact enough to fit where they have been chewed off. Apply glue to these and press in place. Use painter's or masking tape to hold them in place while the glue sets. Use wood filler to re-form and/or fill in any other areas, allow to set and then sand. Re-apply a matching finish. Try a deterrent spray and or obedience training to keep your pup from doing it again.



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