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Handyman Tool Tip: Quick-Change Drill-Driver System

Weekend Handyman host Paul Ryan has a suggestion for those in need of a timesaving tool — a quick-change drill-driver system. This tool drills, countersinks and drives in seconds.

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quick change drill driver system is time saver

Looking for a timesaving tool? This quick-change drill-driver system is a perfect choice.

It drills, countersinks and drives — and all without touching the drill chuck.

To know how it works, if you have to attach something with a wood screw, the old-fashioned way first you'd have to attach a drill bit, line up the board, drill the hole, take the bit out and attach the countersink and then countersink the hole, take the countersink attachment out, attach the screw tip and put the screw in. All of this can take up to 51 seconds or more.

With the quick-change drill-driver system, all you have to do is drill the hole, countersink and drive the screw in — in mere seconds (18 to be exact).

This is the perfect tool if you have to drill or drive a lot of screws. Bits come in a variety of fits.