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Handy Router Accessories: SweepEZE and Eliminator Chuck

Check out these cool tools that can make your work with routers a little easier: the SweepEze and a quick change router chuck.

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the SweepEZE is a power dustpan
Photo 2 of 2The SweepEZE makes cleaning up dust in the shop a cinch.

SweepEZE (2 of 2)

Using a router can kick up a lot of sawdust, and dust in the shop can be a hazard if not cleaned up regularly. The SweepEZE is a power dustpan. A switch on the side changes between the tool's modes of operation. In the automatic mode, sweep the sawdust toward the machine and it starts to suck up the debris in the floor. In the manual mode, push the button at the bottom of the unit with your shoe and it starts sweeping.