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Hand-Powered Cutting Tools

No workshop is complete without some basic hand tools.

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  • Pocketknives are multi-purpose tools used for everything from driving screws to cutting lumber.

  • A utility knife is a basic tool for any home or workshop. It can be used to cut wallboard, cardboard, plastic sheets, ceiling tiles or wallpaper.

  • Heavy-duty snips can cut through sheet metal, tin, leather and other materials. Various types of snips can make straight cuts or cuts curved to the right or the left.

  • All-purpose cutters can cut through almost any material. They're good for pruning and for cutting wire and laminate.

  • Adjustable wire strippers can remove insulation from wire of various gauges without damaging the metal.

  • Nail nippers are used for pulling or cutting nails.

  • Bolt cutters are used for slicing through bolts, padlock hasps, chain-link fencing and other heavy materials.