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Green Solution: Laminated Ceiling Beams

Carter Oosterhouse uses engineered lumber to open up a room.

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Photo 2 of 2The solution was to use laminateed veneer lumber, a structural composite lumber product, as ceiling beams to support the weight of the house.

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Carter's solution was to use laminated veneer lumber (LVL), the most widely used of the structural composite lumber products. It is an engineered wood product produced by bonding multiple layers of thin wood together with adhesive. This means that the LVL can support more weight, unlike a traditional single piece of wood. For this project, LVL beams were used to support the weight of the house that was once held up by load-bearing walls. Plus, this saved chopping down the large, mature hardwood tree necessary to harvest a strong enough natural wood beam to do the job.

Product Information:
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