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Edge Trimmer Basics

An edge trimmer can be a handy -- but also dangerous -- machine. Use this guide to find the safest and most appropriate tool for the job.

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Edge trimmers are used for trimming and edging grass, as well as cutting weeds. An engine is mounted on one end of a metal shaft, with a rotary blade or line-fed trimmer with a guard attached to the opposite end. An edge trimmer can be a dangerous machine, so always wear gloves and protective eyeglasses when using one.

A commercial edge trimmer is motorized, with a two-cylinder gasoline engine. Its handlebars have a trigger for controlling the machine. The machine's head features a guard that protects the rotary blades underneath.

Several types of attachments are available for use with commercial edge trimmers. The plastic brush cutter has larger blades for cutting thick brush and weeds.

The metal brush cutter is a more durable brush cutter, used to cut anything from weeds to tree limbs.



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