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Eco-Friendly Wood and Concrete Stain

Carter Oosterhouse uses sustainable cedar and eco-friendly concrete stain in a backyard makeover.

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Western red cedar forests are harvested and reforested in a sustainable manner. Cedar needs far less energy and produces far fewer byproducts to manufacture than materials such as steel and concrete. It's also biodegradable and can be recycled.

Soy concrete stain is made with eco-friendly renewable resource materials. It's acid-free and contains no hazardous materials, so the disposal concerns typically found with paint and stains aren't an issue. Soy concrete has an ultra-low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content and just a slight odor, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Product information for items used in this outdoor room makeover:
decking and fence material — Western Red Cedar Lumber Association
shutters (Vantage Classic Series #58519); planters (Dynamic Design Terra Cotta Roll Rim Planter, item ##88126, model #RR1212TC) — Lowe's
curtain (Blue and Green Capiz Shell Curtain #370193) — Cost Plus World Market
folding loungers (La Chaise blue mesh folding recliner, item #9010371); metal side tables (#9010063, painted to match) — Target
barstools (Collins Company #5927751); 4-piece patio furniture set (Rutherford Chat set #5927447); chaise lounge cushions/pad (Ramallah #15578023450); shade canopy (Easy Gardener Sunscreen Canopy yellow #38398708079) — Orchard Supply Hardware
concrete stain (SoyCrete Desert Sand) — Eco Safety Products
paint (block wall, Sherwin-Williams Lime Granita SW6715); paint (mural wall, Sherwin-Williams Jonquil SW6674, Shewrin-Williams Burnt Sienna S64N36); spray paint (bar, Rust-Oleum Aqua #223610 — Home Depot