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Drill Press Accessories

Check out this helpful information on using various drills and drill press accessories.

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plug cutter cuts plugs for hiding screws

  • A plug cutter cuts plugs for hiding screws that were countersunk. Just put the plug cutter on the drill press, then make the cut and pop the plug out using a screwdriver. Next, place the plug into the hole then tap it in with a mallet. Match the orientation of the wood grain if possible. Sand the plug down.

  • Stop collars can be used either with a drill or drill press. A stop collar is used when not drilling all the way into the material. Stop collars come in varying sizes for different-sized bits. A stop collar has an Allen screw in the top that screws in to contact the flat part of the bit.

  • A spade bit can also be used with either a drill or drill press. Spade bits are used to drill large holes. Some spade bits have screw-like heads and are called self-feeding bits. They make it easier to drill through material by pulling the material in and transferring the work to the tool.



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