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Cool Tools: Titanium Hammer, Level, Calculator, Swiss Army Knife

These cool tools will make any job go more smoothly.

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consider using lightweight titanium hammers

First, take a look at these lightweight titanium hammers. One is a 14 oz. hammer, the other a 15 oz. version. Titanium hammers are very strong and durable, and they reduce elbow problems that traditional hammers can cause. They also deliver more of a blow for the size. (For example, the 14 oz. hammer delivers the same force as a 24 oz. steel hammer.) Rubberized handles make the hammers easy to grip. These hammers feature side nail pullers in addition to standard nail pullers. They also have replaceable faces, either a waffle face or a smooth face. These hammers also have magnetic nail holders.

Another useful tool is a level with two lasers set 90-degrees from each other. It can help with laying tile, putting up paneling, or hanging cabinets. It also has framing measurements marked right on it.

A silver calculator is very handy to have on a jobsite. It helps professional builders figure drywall, plywood, or stud measurements. The yellow calculator is a DIY version. Put in the measurements of a room and the calculator will tell you how much tile or how much wallpaper you need to redecorate that room.

Certain Swiss army knives offer 512 mb of USB storage. One has a small knife, scissors, pen, and a light. The other has storage only, which is suitable for air travel.



  • Titanium hammer from Stiletto