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Cool Tool: Laser Level

A laser level indicates a level line that can be rotated without moving the tool. It's a handy tool for small projects such as hanging photos as well as bigger projects like installing a chair rail.

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laser level is handy tool for all size projects

A magnet on the bottom attaches to a base. The base is positioned on a surface and adjusted until both of the bubbles are centered -- this indicates the laser is level and provides an accurate reading. The laser level's constant line allows the user to hang shelves and pictures straight. The laser level works with inside and outside corners.

The laser level has another base that has three sharp prongs on the back, allowing it to be hung on the wall. This base also has a magnet to which the level can be attached. It works best with drywall.

The level can also be mounted to a tripod placed in the center of the room when used with the magnetic base.



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