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Behind Closet Doors: 4 Closet Makeovers

Check out these four organized closets by professional organizers and interior designers, and discover the best closet organizers and eco-friendly tips for your closet space.

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Photo 2 of 5Clear, labled containers keep this crafter's supplies in order.

Practical Craft Closet(2 of 5)

The Challenge: The homeowner makes and sells craft items, and she often brings fabrics home to be pressed and hung. She is also a travel buff who creates a lot of photo albums. Her craft materials were stored haphazardly all over the room, however, and the closet was hardly used. "That's actually pretty common," says Kerry Crocker, a professional organizer. "It's because most closets, when you move in, don't serve any one purpose very well, not until you put in your own hardware and containers."

The Solution: Kerry made the closet amenable to all the crafting activities by sorting similar items into groups and placing them in clear, labeled containers. "Nothing ever goes back in the wrong place when the container is labeled," Kerry says. Finished items, which need to be accessed less often, were placed on top shelves.

"Nothing is ever stacked more than two containers high," Kerry says. "You can pull one out with one hand and grab the one on the bottom with the other hand. You never have to set one thing down to get to something else. That's important."

Get the Products: Wire shelving can be found at almost any home-improvement store, but you're not limited to white. "Aesthetics were pretty important to this homeowner," Kerry says, "so she went with nickel-colored shelving that's a little bit higher-end." Kerry likes modular shelving that can be reconfigured over time. "It's a common mistake that people make," she says, "to forget their needs may change in the future."

Try This at Home: The four-drawer container at the bottom of the closet is on casters. Each drawer has dividers to keep items for different activities separate, but the entire container can be wheeled to the area of activity. Cleanup is simple; just roll it back in the closet and shut the door.

How Green Is My Closet? Although new plastic containers are not particularly good for the environment, Kerry reused containers the client already had, a very eco-friendly move. "Visually, it might be more chaotic, but you can even reuse shoeboxes, wine crates or baskets as containers," she says.

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