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Behind Closet Doors: 4 Closet Makeovers

Check out these four organized closets by professional organizers and interior designers, and discover the best closet organizers and eco-friendly tips for your closet space.

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Photo 1 of 5Your closet can look like this one, organized by Heidi Goodwin. Read on to see how.

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You opened the closet door one day, a pile of sweaters fell on your head and you snapped.

In a fit of organizational pique, you purged your unworn dress shirts, untangled that knot of belts and paired up all your shoes. Unfortunately, that was the easy part. Now how do you put the stuff back in so you don't end up with the same mess?

We've brought you four great closets to guide you through the process: two existing closets overhauled by professional organizers and two dream closets created by interior designers for maximum usability and organization. Plus, get the look in your own closet with eco-friendly tips and our suggestions for comparable closet organizers.

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