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Automotive Ramps and Jacks

There are several tools available that can make car repairs easier.

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automotive ramp is a home mechanic must have

An automotive ramp requires the car to be driven onto the ramp, which means it's not effective for fixing tires. But for real DIY mechanics, a ramp is a must. To use it, slide the ramp under the wheel, and gently drive forward until the wheels settle into the divots at the top of the ramp.

Jack stands adjust up or down to provide more room underneath the car. Traditional jacks have a hook that grabs a point on the car's bumper. When using a jack, place bricks or heavy blocks on either side of the rear wheel opposite the side that's being jacked up to prevent the car from rolling.

Hydraulic or air-powered service jacks are placed underneath a car and lift it with a manual air pump. It's a good idea to put a scrap piece of wood over the cup of the hydraulic jack before lifting the car.