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All About Drill Accessories

A drill can be used for much more than just drilling holes and removing screws.

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A sanding disc can turn a drill into an electric sander. Set the drill on high speed and avoid applying too much pressure to the work piece.

A sanding drum can be attached to a drill for sanding in curves and other hard-to-reach places. Set the drill on high speed, and don't apply excessive pressure to the work piece.

Flap-wheel sanders are good for paint removal and for sanding irregular surfaces.

Wire wheels can be used for removing rust or paint.

Polishing and buffing wheels are more effective on a drill than they are on their own. To buff or polish, apply wax to the entire pad of the wheel, and set the drill on medium speed.

Attach a mixer to a drill for fast mixing of paint, plaster, putty or mud.

A lawnmower-blade sharpener fits over the tip of the drill to sharpen blades.

A hose clamp can secure a drill to a table when you're using a grinding or sharpening wheel.

A special drill clamp can turn a hand-drill into a drill press.