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Air-Filtration Systems

Dust particles and dirt are always floating in the air. An air-filtration system can make a big difference by turning dirty workshop air into clean air.

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portable air filtration system cuts down on dust

A portable air-filtration system has the benefit of cutting down on sweeping time. Its hose is attached to a power tool and catches 80 percent to 90 percent of the dust and debris generated by the tool.

An air-filtration canister may be freestanding or mounted inside a wall. Its filter is easily removed and may be cleaned by soaking it in water.

To install a portable air-filtration system, secure its straps through the handle and around the circumference of the canister. The straps hook into screws or hooks in the wall. (The owner's manual will indicate how far apart the hooks should be.) The system should be more or less centered on the wall and placed at least 2 feet away from all four sides of the wall.

Larger air-filtration systems are free-standing and work more like air conditioners, with replaceable filters. These systems are better for larger workshops.



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